Tooth Recontouring

Tooth Recontouring/Reshaping

Tooth contouring, also known as tooth reshaping, is the practice of gently sculpting a small portion of your tooth’s enamel. The cosmetic procedure can reshape a tooth that seems too large, is slightly misshapen, or exhibits rough, irregular areas on its enamel. With tooth contouring, you can change your tooth’s size, shape, and texture without having to permanently attach a dental crown or porcelain veneer to it.

What to Expect from Tooth Recontouring

  • During your initial examination, Dr. Correa will take digital X-ray images of your teeth to determine the thickness of your tooth enamel. If the enamel on your tooth is too thin, then tooth contouring may not be the best option.
  • To reshape the tooth, Dr. Correa will use special, high-precision equipment that reduces the risk of sculpting too much enamel. Since the tooth’s pulp is not affected, you will likely not require local anesthesia for the procedure.
  • Tooth contouring is often performed together with one or more other cosmetic treatments as part of a complete smile makeover plan. However, if you only receive tooth contouring, then you will not need to schedule a follow-up appointment afterwards.

Are There Risks with Recontouring?

One of the most important advantages of tooth contouring is that the procedure is minimally-invasive, and therefore poses no significant risk to your tooth’s health and integrity. The only disadvantage to the procedure is that it involves slightly resculpting tooth enamel, which cannot grow back, and the procedure should therefore be thoughtfully considered.

Will the Treatment Make My Tooth More Sensitive?

Immediately after tooth contouring, your tooth may be slightly more sensitive, but the sensation will pass within a day or two. Despite altering your tooth enamel, contouring will not cause your tooth or the teeth around it to become weak or sensitive.

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