Toothpaste: We’ve Got The Answers Your Smile Needs

If you’re like any other dental patient under the sun, there are times when you start wondering about your toothpaste and your dental hygiene. You already know, of course, that you need toothpaste but what about all of those little details? For instance, are you using the right variety? Are you choosing the best ingredients? Are you doing something wrong or everything right? Fortunately, commonly asked questions (and our answers) will get you headed in the proper direction.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it okay to try to just make my own toothpaste with baking soda and water? I’ve heard that if I make my own paste, it will work just as well as store bought toothpaste.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not a good approach. First, because the baking soda will abrade your teeth and can lead to erosion. Second, because it does not contain important ingredients (like fluoride) to protect your oral health.

Question: Can you offer some general suggestions for my toothpaste choices, so I know whatever it is that I choose, it’s going to work well for my dental hygiene?

Answer: Yep! As you noticed, you should make sure your toothpaste has fluoride in it and that it doesn’t contain anything gritty that can cause damage. In addition, we suggest paste that has been accepted by the ADA (just seek out the seal on the container).

Question: How about flavor? Is one better than another?

Answer: It might seem like mint is doing something special for your dental hygiene because it tingles when you use it but remember that flavor is just a bonus. You may choose anything you like (which we suggest). If you dislike the flavor, you’re prone to skipping your brushing even though you need to do it twice every single day.

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