Floss: 3 Things You’re Getting Wrong

Of course, you might be a total pro with your dental floss at this point. Then again, you might just think you’re a master of this area of dental hygiene (but you don’t realize you’re overlooking just a few things that can actually have a significant impact on how well you’re doing). Instead of simply hoping for the best, we suggest you take a few things into consideration. If you’re doing them correctly, then good going! If not, well … it’s time to make a few little changes.

#1: You’re Not Supposed To Hate It

You’re not supposed to completely hate your flossing experience when you practice dental hygiene. Why not? Well, because it should be comfortable, effective, convenient, and because the results provide you with amazing protection against issues like decay. Here’s what you need to know if you hate it: You should use floss with a texture you like and a flavor you enjoy. If you’re having a hard time liking the process, tell us. We will offer a lot of pointers to solve your problem.

#2: The Timing Doesn’t Matter (As Long As You Do It)

Flossing in the morning or the evening, before or after brushing? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you make sure it’s part of one daily dental hygiene session.

#3: You’re Winding It Around The Wrong Fingers

You might think that it’s best to tightly wrap the floss around your index fingers. However, you’ll quickly discover that as you work the floss through your smile, the floss gets tighter and tighter until your fingertips turn purple. Not ideal! Instead, wind it around middle fingers. Then, to prevent it from cutting off your circulation, hold it (and guide it) with your index fingers and your thumbs. Dental hygiene problem solved.

Ask Us For Help With Flossing

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