Who’s A Candidate For Tooth Recontouring?

When you read all about tooth recontouring or hear about it from one of your friends, you might not believe what you’re hearing. There’s a solution to your esthetic concerns? And it’s actually quick, easy, and comfortable? While the excitement builds and swirls around in your mind, a small little sneaking voice may show up in there, too, causing you to wonder if you’re a candidate. Before your happiness turns to worry, rest assured: Most patients make fine candidates. As for the details, consider some major facets of qualification.

Someone Who Wants To Remove Tissue

You make a good candidate for tooth recontouring if you need us to remove some of your enamel. This means that you might have a pointy tooth, a jagged tooth, a long tooth, or some other issue that requires us to gently buff a bit of tissue down.

Someone With Good Oral Health

If you have good oral health, then you’re on your way toward becoming a candidate for tooth recontouring. However, if your smile is in poor health, we will need to restore it first before you’re ready for a cosmetic treatment.

Someone With Sufficient Enamel

You’ll qualify for contouring if you have a sufficient amount of enamel for us to work with. Don’t worry, this isn’t something you need to know on your own. We will examine your smile to ensure contouring is safe for you.

Someone Who Doesn’t Actually Want Bonding

Tooth recontouring is a good choice for you, so long as that’s what you need. We encourage you to remember that contouring removes tissue, while bonding adds it. (Note: You may, of course, rely on both treatments if necessary. It all depends on your needs).

Gently Reshape Teeth With Tooth Recontouring

Take care of minor esthetic issues with your smile by choosing recontouring to remove enamel that’s getting in the way of a beautiful smile. Contact our practice in Frisco, TX today to schedule a visit by calling Prisma Dental at (972) 668-7398.

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