Canker Sores: Get The Answers You Really Want

You know that a canker sore hurts and that it usually goes away by itself. However, you probably have some questions about this occasional occurrence in your mouth. It’s never welcome, it’s never enjoyable, and it can cause you some unnecessary stress if there are some details you’re unsure about. As always, instead of scouring the web for answers, we encourage you to get the facts straight from our team! We’ll give you a head start with a Q&A session but remember to come in if you’re still in need of assistance.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why is the canker sore showing up in the first place? Can I stop it?

Answer: There’s not a solid answer yet as to why these sores develop. It is thought that perhaps small injuries, stress, changes in hormones, and even eating certain irritating foods may come into play. If you find that you have consistent issues, come see us.

Question: Am I going to spread my canker sore by sharing drinks, kissing, or in any other way?

Answer: No. The good news is that unlike other sores, these are not contagious. You’re not going to accidentally spread the sore to someone else!

Question: What should I do if I get a canker sore? Do I need to come in for a checkup immediately or use some type of medicine?

Answer: Unless you’re dealing with a particularly painful sore or one that stays for longer than a couple weeks without beginning to heal, you don’t need to treat it. It should resolve without additional care from you. However, we do suggest leaving it alone, rinsing your mouth, and keeping up with your usual dental hygiene.

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