Oral Cancer: 3 Things To Always Remember

First and foremost, if you pay attention to your calendar and those causes which we recognize on particular months, you will see that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. So, what better time to provide you with some helpful reminders about this dangerous disease (that is preventable and treatable)? Consider a few details that you should always keep in mind, so your oral health stays safe and sound.

#1: Prevention Is Best

Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll be able to detect oral cancer. Making sure your smile is healthy is our job. By coming in to our practice for your six-month dental checkups, you can expect a thorough exam. If unusual changes are occurring in your mouth, we can detect them immediately. As a result, you can then begin treatment early (rather than once the disease has advanced and is more difficult to address).

#2: Symptoms May Show Up Late

If symptoms do occur, they may show up quite late. What we mean by this is that the red or white patches that form, any pain, lumps, or other obvious signs may show up only when the oral cancer has had time to advance. The further it progresses, the more difficult it is to treat and clear. Translation: Do not wait on symptoms to show up. Instead, see us consistently for preventive care.

#3: It’s A Real Problem

You might think to yourself that oral cancer is an obscure problem that has nothing to do with you. However, it’s important to recognize that there are a reported nearly 50,000 new cases each year. A bit less than half of those individuals will lose their lives to the disease. Stick to your preventive care to keep yourself safe!

Protect Your Smile With Prevention

Come in for your exams and cleanings as suggested to ensure you’re providing your oral health the utmost in protection. If you’re ready to learn about your candidacy for dental implants, contact our practice in Frisco, TX today. Schedule a visit by calling Prisma Dental at (972) 668-7398.

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