Is Acid Erosion A Problem For Your Smile?

You might immediately think, no way! when we ask the following question: Is acid erosion a problem for your smile? However, if you have not been in to see us for a while (as in more than six months), then you might not know whether this is true. If you’re drinking anything other than water or milk on a daily basis, then you may be surprised to learn that you actually are suffering from this extremely common concern for your enamel. Let’s make sure you are aware of how to keep teeth strong (and free from this type of erosion), so your oral health remains in top-notch condition.

What Do You Drink Every Day?

As mentioned, if you drink something other than water every day (or milk, which is almost neutral but just barely acidic) then you’re probably experiencing some level of acid erosion. It might not be enough to have caused much damage (or it may be slowly deteriorating your enamel). Remember, whether it’s tea, juice, coffee, soda (even diet soda), or anything else with an acid pH, it can contribute to this issue.

When Did We See You Last?

Just because your smile feels just fine and you haven’t noticed any changes doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing any issues. You could be dealing with early acid erosion. You might even have a cavity that’s just beginning to develop or mildly inflamed gums! What we’re saying is: Don’t skip out on your six-month preventive visits because you assume erosion and other concerns won’t happen to you (or that a comfortable smile means your smile is perfectly health). Instead, stay ahead of damage by keeping up with checkups.

Avoid Hidden Dangers By Scheduling Checkups

Coming in every six months for your dental checkup will help you stay ahead of problems like acid erosion, so your smile stays healthy and strong. If you’re ready to learn about your candidacy for dental implants, contact our practice in Frisco, TX today. Schedule a visit by calling Prisma Dental at (972) 668-7398.

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