To Believe Or Not To Believe: DIY Smile Care

With the advent of the Internet and social media came Pinterest and a whole lot of other ways of sharing information. One of the popular ways we notice this shift affecting oral health is with the increasing amount of DIY smile care options. They generally appear very enticing, quite convincing, seemingly safe, and surprisingly effective. Unfortunately, attempting more advanced dental care on your own is usually a bad plan. You need training, education, and the proper instruments to care for your smile effectively! Consider some common DIY treatments we encourage you to avoid.

Homemade Orthodontic Treatments

Shifting your teeth into the proper alignment is quite a complex type of dental care. What makes attempting this on your own extremely dangerous is the fact that it takes just the right amount of force to move teeth without leading to injury. You also need years of expertise to strategize a precise plan for appropriate movement. Do not try this one at home!

DIY Teeth Whitening

What have you been seeing online? That you should mix lemon juice with baking soda and leave it on your teeth perhaps? Do not attempt cosmetic dental care at home, particularly if it includes using acid on your smile or any other types of aggressive care. You will end up with damage but you will probably not end up with the esthetic improvements you initially hoped to achieve.

DIY Dental Fillings

If your filling has fallen out or you’ve got some breakage, you may absolutely use a temporary filling from the drugstore to keep your tooth comfortable until you see us. However, we suggest an immediate visit because a long-term DIY filling can lead to complications like infection.

Protect Your Smile With Professional Care

If there’s something you need, it’s always far better to schedule care with us than to try to manage your dental care at home. Schedule a visit with our practice in Frisco, TX today by calling Prisma Dental at (972) 668-7398.

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