3 Tips For A Whiter Smile

Are you searching the web for information on achieving a whiter smile? If so, you might feel more confused than you did before. Some sites will tell you to try products from the drugstore (not a good idea), while others will suggest you go see your dentist. Who to trust? In short, coming to see us about your smile is always the number one best choice you can make! Once you schedule a consultation with us, so we can help you out with a plan for a more brilliant grin, we suggest you think over some tips.

Tip #1: Watch Out For Staining Stuff

Things that you think will probably stain your teeth will lead to discoloration. Grape juice, red wine, marinara sauce, coffee, tea … all the things you know will stain your white shirt if you accidentally miss your mouth while you eat or drink will lead to stained teeth, too. You don’t have to cut them out of your life but limiting them or cleaning your smile after you enjoy them will certainly help you maintain a whiter smile.

Tip #2: Brush And Floss (And Repeat)

About cleaning your smile: It requires you to brush twice a day, to floss once a day, and then to do the same thing all over again every single day after that. This will ensure you’re removing stain-causing pigments, plaque, food, and other debris that lead to yellowing as well as problems like decay.

Tip #3: Consider Cosmetic Care

Want a whiter smile? Feel certain that daily maintenance will help you once you receive a treatment but that the damage has already been done? No problem. Come talk with us during a consultation. We can figure out whether teeth whitening or veneers will work best for you.

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