No More Panic Over Porcelain: Your Veneers Are Safe!

worrydontworrysignIt’s true, the porcelain veneers you receive to make over your smile are made up of multiple, extraordinarily thin layers of porcelain. This news is enough to make anyone feel a bit panicky when they imagine such material being required to hold up under the extreme pressure and daily stress of chewing and speaking! Fortunately, the design of veneers is surprisingly resilient. While they seem fragile and difficult to maintain, the opposite is true. Let us clue you in on some important facts, so you can enjoy your smile without feeling worried.

They Will Last If You’re Thoughtful

Nope, we didn’t say you need to be careful or delicate with your porcelain veneers. You just need to be as thoughtful with your smile after veneer placement as you are before placement. All it really takes is daily dental hygiene to keep them looking lovely and to ensure they last (in combination with checkups and cleanings twice a year at our practice, of course). Brushing, flossing, and professional visits yield a nice long life for your smile.

They’re Strong and Resist Stains

When you first receive your porcelain veneers, your instinct may be to treat them with kid gloves because you worry they will crack under pressure or discolor. When we say you need only to think of them as your natural teeth, we mean it. They can withstand daily use as long as you don’t ask too much of them. They should not be used to break down super hard food (the same goes for your natural teeth) or to be used as scissors or a knife (the same goes for your natural teeth). Easy enough!

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