Give Yourself the Gift of a Great Smile

Enjoy a Great Smile with Cosmetic DentistryThis Christmas, is there only one thing that you really want? If it is a more beautiful smile, have you considered how cosmetic dentistry could help? There is no reason to settle for a smile that is causing you insecurity, or to wait around wishing for change, when cosmetic treatment could help hide many imperfections, and actually leave you with a more beautiful-looking smile. From staining to inconsistencies in the size or shape of teeth, professional cosmetic treatment could help hide those imperfections, and leave you with a smile you’ll want to show off throughout the holiday season and beyond!

Is Staining Your Biggest Issue?

If discoloration is your biggest cause of esthetic concern, professional teeth whitening is likely the best form of treatment. That is because professional whitening uses safe but effective whitening agents to help break up surface stains, and then lighten the teeth, often by eight shades during a course of treatment. This means you could have a visibly whiter smile in a matter of weeks, or less if you choose the expedited whitening of in-office treatment.

Enjoy Long-lasting Smile Enhancements

Cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers are great ways to address other imperfections, such as disproportionately-shaped or sized teeth, as well as minor gaps between some of the teeth. Fortunately, both can be completed quickly, and allow for natural-looking enhancements. Bonding, for instance, can generally be completed in about an hour’s time during a single session. That is because it relies on a dentist’s own artistry to help sculpt composite resin onto the teeth, in order to hide imperfections. The resin is durable, and natural-looking. That said, veneers can provide even longer-lasting enhancements, thanks to the stain resistance and strength of dental porcelain.

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