Smile Bright This Summer with These Care Tips: Part One

Smile Bright This Summer with These Care Tips: Part OneCan you believe summer has arrived already, and with it a host of fun ways to enjoy the longer days and vacation time you have accrued throughout the year? How will you spend the next few months? Will you be traveling, relaxing, lounging poolside or surfing the biggest waves you can find? Whatever your plans for this season include, there is one item that should be on everyone’s summer bucket list, and that is preventive dental care. From daily hygiene to exams and cleanings, it can be surprisingly simple to take care of your smile, and choosing to do so can help ensure you enjoy a healthy smile all season long and heading into fall.

Drink Plenty of Water, Eat a Healthy Diet

You probably already know that you should be drinking lots of water, particularly during the hot summer months, in order to keep your body properly hydrated. But did you know that drinking water is also essential to maintaining a healthy smile?

Not only does water keep your entire body functioning properly, it helps produce saliva, which naturally limits plaque bacteria’s ability to cling to the surface of your teeth. This makes drinking water a simple yet key part of preventive care!

Since plaque bacteria are the culprit behind many dental issues, if you want to avoid dental cavities and even gum disease, be sure to fill up on plenty of water each day.

Limiting how much sugar you consume, and eating a well-balanced diet, can also do your body and your smile good. Bacteria feed on sugars, so the more you consume the more likely you are to develop cavities. Stick to fresh produce, lean proteins, low-sugar dairy products and healthy grains as much as possible, and limit sugary sweets to occasional treats, rather than regular indulgences.

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