Keep Your Kids Smiling with Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Tips for Healthy SmilesAs a parent, you do a lot to ensure your kids stay healthy. You instill in them the importance of washing their hands to kill harmful germs, eating vegetables that aren’t fried (and other healthy foods), make sure they spend some time being active each day, and even take them to the doctor for regular checkups. But do you sometimes wonder if there is more you could and should be doing to make sure their smiles stay equally healthy? If so, your pediatric dentist can arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your kids smiling, healthily, for many years to come. In fact, a pediatric dentist is a great ally when it comes to protecting your kids’ oral health.

How a Dentist Can Help Keep Those Pearly Whites Shining

Children and adults, alike, need to combine dental hygiene and regular checkups to keep their smiles healthy. For most kids, this means attending checkups and cleanings at least twice annually, starting around age one.

In addition to conducting an exam, to check for cavities and other dental issues, the dentist will also provide a thorough cleaning, removing any tartar buildup that may have developed. If necessary, x-rays may also be ordered to diagnose cavities, or to check for other burgeoning issues.

Many pediatric dentists also offer and recommend dental sealants, for school-aged children, to help prevent plaque’s ability to calcify onto the teeth. This can be a great aid in preventing cavities.

Your pediatric dentist can also help teach your kids about the importance of daily dental hygiene, like brushing their teeth and flossing. You can even ask him or her to demonstrate proper technique to your kids, if you are worried they’re not brushing long enough, or flossing correctly.

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