Partial & Full Dentures

Partial and Full Dentures

When tooth loss is too significant for a dental bridge to address, a partial or full denture may be the best option for replacing your lost teeth. A denture may be fixed or partial, depending on your specific needs and preferences, as well as Dr. Correa’s recommendation. Partial and full dentures are supported on comfortable, custom-designed plastic bases that are colored to match the appearance of your gums. However, because they do not replace all of your teeth, partials may also rely on the support of well-hidden clasps.

What to Expect from Dentures

Partial Dentures

  • Partial dentures are recommended when you’ve lost several teeth that are not adjacent to each other, yet you still possess a number of healthy teeth.
  • The partial will fill the gaps in your smile with lifelike pontics placed in appropriate places, while fitting around and blending in with the teeth that remain.

Full Dentures

  • A full denture consists of an entire row of pontics for patients who’ve lost all functioning teeth on the upper or lower dental ridge.
  • A removable denture is secured in place by the natural suction created by your dental ridge’s shape. By contrast, a fixed full denture can be placed on a series of dental implants for improved support, comfort, and bite function.

How Are They Made?

After deciding on a partial or full denture, Dr. Correa will carefully measure your dental ridges and oral structures using advanced imaging technology, such as digital X-rays. The digital measurements will be used to create your denture(s) with lifelike precision, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your replacement teeth.

What Are Implant Dentures?

For many patients, Dr. Correa often suggests implant-supported partial and full dentures. Dental implants are small titanium posts that resemble teeth roots, and are inserted into the jawbone in place of missing teeth. A series of strategically-placed posts can adequately support a partial or complete denture with the strength and stability of natural, healthy teeth roots. As a bonus, the implant posts also help maintain your jawbone’s integrity by stimulating a healthy flow of nutrients every time you bite and chew.

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