3 Tips For A Whiter Smile

Are you searching the web for information on achieving a whiter smile? If so, you might feel more confused than you did before. Some sites will tell you to try products from the drugstore (not a good idea), while others will suggest you go see your dentist. Who to trust? In short, coming to see us about your smile is always the number one best choice you can make! Once you schedule a consultation with us, so we can help you out with a plan for a more brilliant grin, we suggest you think over some tips.


Toothbrush Details: Do You Know What To Buy?

Do you know which toothbrush to pull from the display when you’re in the dental hygiene aisle? Do you reach out for it, hand trembling, wondering if you are making a great decision for your oral health or a terrible one? If so, rest easy: You are not the only person who has ever experienced such trauma regarding a single smile-related instrument. After all, it’s very important that you make a wise choice! To take all of the guesswork out of this moment, we offer you the rules to live by.


Brush Gently, Not Hard!

You might think that to keep your smile healthy and glowing, some serious force needs to be included when you brush. After all, if you brush nice and hard, that should be the quickest path toward teeth that aren’t coated in food and plaque, right? Well. Not exactly. What this will do is cause problems for your smile. Believe it or not, taking an approach with your dental hygiene that is extremely gentle is the best way to go. Find out more!


How Do I Choose My Dental Floss?

flossingwomansmileMost patients think that we expect very complicated, clinical questions about oral health. The truth is, we are happy to answer just about anything, so long as it is related to your smile! As a result, if you have questions about the fundamentals of dental hygiene, please speak up. Ensuring you have a solid foundation for the health of your teeth and gums is where it all begins. For instance, are you curious about how to choose dental floss? We are glad to help.


3 Reasons To Treat Bruxism

bruxismlipstickWhen you hear that you need bruxism treatment, particularly if obvious symptoms have not yet begun to appear, you may think to yourself, “I don’t need treatment! My smile is fine.” However, it’s important that you recognize bruxism will eventually lead to damage over time. In some instances, the problems are obvious to the naked eye. In others, they affect supportive tissues that protect your smile’s function. Let’s make our way through a few very important reasons to choose treatment ASAP.


Preventive Care Visits: Just For Cavities?

preventionmarkerWhile your preventive care visits protect against cavity development (we look for early signs of decay and clean plaque from your smile), this isn’t the only reason to keep up with care. As a matter of fact, keeping your oral health in pristine condition requires us to take the entirety of your oral cavity and surrounding structures into consideration. Find out a bit more about how to make sure you’re on track and what we do to ensure your visits are comprehensive.


No More Panic Over Porcelain: Your Veneers Are Safe!

worrydontworrysignIt’s true, the porcelain veneers you receive to make over your smile are made up of multiple, extraordinarily thin layers of porcelain. This news is enough to make anyone feel a bit panicky when they imagine such material being required to hold up under the extreme pressure and daily stress of chewing and speaking! Fortunately, the design of veneers is surprisingly resilient. While they seem fragile and difficult to maintain, the opposite is true. Let us clue you in on some important facts, so you can enjoy your smile without feeling worried.


Professional Whitening In A Flash

smileperfectPerhaps you’ve found yourself between a rock and a hard place. You really need teeth whitening soon but you worry you’re out of time when it comes to scheduling care with us. You’re considering over-the-counter whitening treatment but you have a feeling that DIY options are probably not a good idea. Fortunately, we can quickly steer you in the right direction, so you protect your smile and end up with the brilliant finish you want (when you want it). Take some helpful advice and stop worrying!


Resolve to Protect Your Smile This Year

Protect Your Smile This YearHave you already planned any New Year’s resolutions? For instance, do you hope to shed a few pounds, read a few more books, or even visit a few faraway lands? What about your smile? Is one of your greatest resolutions in 2017 to take better care of your teeth and gums? Few physical attributes can have a bigger influence on one’s self esteem than his or her smile. So this year, make sure you are caring for yours, through great preventive care. Fortunately, resolving to protect your smile isn’t complicated. It’s not even time consuming. It just requires a few smart choices, both at-home, and at your dentist’s office. (more…)

Can You Smile Brighter in 2017?

Smile Brighter In 2017Was 2016 a great year, except for one thing – your smile? Many people don’t realize just what a great impact their smile’s appearance can have on their overall self-esteem, that is until they get into a situation when they want to show off their smile, but feel embarrassed by the discoloration or staining? Forget photo ops, when you are insecure because of your teeth’s less than pearly white appearance. Even face-to-face time can feel daunting, when you want to hide your smile. Fortunately, if you are ready to do something to address that insecurity and to enjoy a more dazzling smile, cosmetic dentistry could help. In fact, if you act quickly you could actually start 2017 feeling great about your smile! (more…)